AMMOHEAT™ is a scientifically designed topical fat-burning gel, encompassing clinically researched ingredients, forming a powerful all-in-one thermogenic weight loss product. From the first time you apply it to your body, you’ll see why it has been touted by health conscious people, top athletes, and fitness stars as the most operative product of its kind in the world. By using AMMOHEAT™ during exercise you can anticipate: amplified sweat and enhanced fat loss, a leaner/dryer appearance, support for cold and tight muscles, and a toner looking appearance.

The architects of AMMOHEAT™ did not cut corners when they created this product. We spent many years formulating, fine-tuning, and perfecting this highly operative weight loss product. Our focus has always been to provide users a functional product that works every time you exercise. After years of trial and error, research and development, and dialogue with consumers about what they’re looking for in a weight loss product, we nailed it. Once you’ve tried AMMOHEAT™ we know you’ll agree.

It is our fixed opinion that all other topical thermogenic weight loss and workout gels pale in comparison to AMMOHEAT™. At the end of the day many of us are looking for the same thing: to reach our training and fitness goals, lose weight, and obtain a tighter/slimmer look. AMMOHEAT™ promises to help you accomplish these goals (and more); our weight loss gel checks all those all-important boxes. We want you to experience real results, and feel better about yourself; to experience major breakthroughs with your physique.

We take care and pride in the details of our formula, especially when it comes to production. Our manufacturing facilities have decades of recorded success creating distinctive and effective products across the health and beauty landscape. They practice industry leading quality control protocols, which include: current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). The microbiology staff, whose focus is to prevent product contamination while ensuring the highest quality standards are met, is American Society for Microbiology (ASM) numbered.