Now you can sell AMMOHEAT™ and offer your loyal customers the #1 topical weight loss gel. Whether you’re an online or offline retailer, or a wholesale distributor, we have a model that is proven to move the bottom-line. Our sales mechanism is simple: our product works extremely well, which means you can expect repeat customers (e.g. buy-back). AMMOHEAT™ is a cutting-edge, thermogenic (topical) weight loss and sweat-enhancing gel. Our carefully formulated ingredients have been clinically researched, and best of all, 100% stimulant and paraben free. Now you can be part of the AMMOHEAT™ movement.


  • A formula designed by raw materials experts
  • Specialists in the field of skincare and topical delivery systems
  • Clinically researched ingredients for fat reduction
  • Retail sample programs (as an instrument to drive sales)
  • Very healthy margins to meet your companies needs
  • Low minimum orders
  • A high-in-demand category (weight-loss)
  • Safe for all ages 18+
  • Manufactured in a GMP Certified | FDA inspected facility

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