First time users should start by applying a light coating of the gel (e.g. the size of a nickel or just dab the tip of your index finger in the jar) to the dry surface area of skin. Be sure to spread evenly and massage the gel deep into the skin for several minutes. Depending on your level of comfort you may increase or decrease the amount of product you apply for future applications. If you don’t experience an adequate amount of heat on Day 1, simply use more with your next application. If you experience too much heat, just apply less. As with any heat activating product like AMMOHEAT™, each user’s level of comfort and results will differ.


WARNING: Do not use on sun burned, wind burned, dry, chapped, irritated and broken skin, cuts, open wounds or regions of the body that are already experiencing skin irritation or rashes. Do not wash off product with warm or hot water. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Avoid contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth. You must be 18 years or older to use this product.

For maximum effect and benefit, we recommend you evenly apply the gel for at least two to three minutes, using the tips of your fingers to deeply massage into the skin and pores. We have found that the more time you devote to massaging the product into the skin, the greater the heating effects and faster the product will go to work.  As a topical weight loss product, the gel must penetrate the skin for full absorption and effect.

Most users will begin to feel the heat activating effects within 15-20 minutes. AMMOHEAT™ will absorb through the skin and may take several minutes to penetrate its layers. Users should experience the full intensity of the heat within 30 minutes and then lasting up to two hours. To discontinue use following application, use cool or room temperature water (with soap) and wash off thoroughly until the product has been removed. Excess solution will wash off with relatively little effort; however you may still continue to feel some heating sensation for several minutes following removal.

We recommend applying the product at least 10 minutes prior to exercising; this way, as your body temperature begins to rise due to the ingredients penetrating through the skin, the magic will begin and you will really start to sweat. Keep in mind that AMMOHEAT™ could make you sweat even prior to exercise.

The most common areas of the body that users apply the product are the abdominals and oblique regions. Other popular areas include: arms, thighs, and chest. Do not apply the product to your face, neck or any sensitive areas.

Our product was designed as a unisex workout gel and our custom lemon fresh citrus scent is adored by both men and women; users truly appreciate the smell. You will too.

For athletic, training and diet purposes, AMMOHEAT™ is the ideal product to be used in conjunction with a sound diet and exercise program. Our product will make you really sweat, so the harder you work out, the better results. The distinctive ingredients in AMMOHEAT™ target fat cells; a sound diet and nutrition plan will only work in your favor and help you achieve peak results. Our product was formulated to work for everyone, regardless of their body type or level of fitness. Remember to always consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise regimen.


AMMOHEAT™ improves circulation and increases your body’s ability to sweat during exercise. A unique synergy of Capsaicin and other ingredients produce the products heating effect, helping you to sweat without elevating the heart rate. No thermogenic stimulants are ever used. The ingredients in AMMOHEAT™ will help support a tighter, firmer and leaner appearance with regular use. AMMOHEAT™ consists of clinically research ingredients, made with ShapePerfection®- a fat-loss and cellulite reducing topical application. AMMOHEAT™ is also formulated with Glycyrrhetinic Acid, the active principle of licorice, which can reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat through topical application

Natural Capsaicin is the active component found within the chili pepper. Independent studies have demonstrated Capsaicin’s ability to enhance blood flow by inhibiting vascular smooth muscle contractions, while also improving blood and lymph return microcirculation – the result of this is a decrease in overall cellulite and fat tissue. Ultimately, Capsaicin helps the applied regions of the body heat up and sweat faster.

ShapePerfection is a groundbreaking, first of its kind proprietary blend of fat and cellulite reducing ingredients created specifically for topical application. Its dual action formulation activates brown-like fat cells as well as microcirculation. It also burns fat independently – i.e. with or without exercise – with measurable and visible effects. ShapePerfection is an oil-soluble, alcohol and preservative free blend of body slimming ingredients, helping make AMMOHEAT™ a truly extraordinary product. Whether you are seeking a slimmer waistline and abdominal region, or just a leaner overall appearance, our product will surely aid you in achieving your best look.


All types of people; men, women, athletes, bodybuilders, casual or novice fitness enthusiasts, and even busy 9-5’ers with minimal time to exercise, but are still looking to get the most out of their workouts, are candidates for daily AMMOHEAT™ use. Our product is the most progressive thermogenic weight loss gel in the world due to its ability to heat you up and make you sweat (even before exercise). It’s formulated with several ingredients proven to attack adipocyte fat cells, in addition to providing relief for muscle discomfort and soreness. It is like nothing you have ever used before.

While it is not recommended to apply the product on your body and then go sun tanning on the beach (for possible increased heat sensitivity), many of our users appreciate the outdoors and use AMMOHEAT™ prior to walking, running or exercising outside; there has been no known or recorded adverse effects resulting from this. We do however suggest that users wait a minimum of 12 hours before utilizing any type of indoor tanning beds/stalls, once the product has been fully removed or washed off.

It’s important that first time users follow the instructions when applying AMMOHEAT™. Most users have different skin types and comfort levels so it’s imperative not to apply too much – especially prior to determining ones level of heat or sweat tolerance. More is not always better, and this certainly applies to AMMOHEAT™. You don’t need to use a lot in order to achieve results; however, if you do use too much on a specific region of the body, it could get too hot or even uncomfortable for some. In such instances, immediately wash the targeted area off with soap and cool water for several minutes, which will quickly alleviate any discomfort. Ideally, you should then wait a full 24 hours before reapplying a smaller amount of the solution.

While each user’s experience, level of comfort, and skin types differ, our product is meant to be utilized no more than once daily. With so many benefits from a once daily usage level, there is no need to apply multiple times in any 24 hour period. Overuse or reapplication within any single day can potentially result in discomfort, increased redness, and unwanted prolonged heating sensation.

Absolutely – in fact, most AMMOHEAT™ users will experience increased redness to the applied areas due to the profound, but SAFE, heating effects. Remember, the gel’s active ingredients are meant to heat up the body and help you sweat more. Skin redness and heat are both 100% normal effects that can be expected while using our product. Following use of the product, any redness of the skin will subside over a short amount of time. Zero allergic reactions to our product are known or have been reported to us. With that said, if you do experience shortness of breath, extreme and unbearable discomfort, or anything resembling an allergic reaction, we ask that you discontinue use, remove any solution still on the body, and contact a medical professional immediately.

If the product makes contact with your eyes or any sensitive regions of the body, immediately rinse with a cool cloth, while making sure to expose the affected area for several minutes or until relief has been achieved.

Be sure to store your jar in a safe, dry, and cool place, out of reach to children and pets. This product should never be consumed. Children under 18 years old should not be using AMMOHEAT™.


Our research and development team uses only the finest raw materials in the U.S. In addition, our manufacturing facility is FDA inspected and cGMP certified. Each jar of AMMOHEAT™ is tested and put through an industry leading quality control protocol. Our microbiology staff’s focus is to prevent product contamination while ensuring the highest standards are met. All AMMOHEAT™ products are also third party lab tested for safety for safety and purity. Lab reports are available here.

Our full-sized 6.5 oz. jar will typically last for 30-60 days of regular use, however this is contingent upon how much gel is used per application. Average use will vary depending on tolerance and desired results.

AMMOHEAT™ will leave no permanent residue on your clothes after application. No special washing methods are needed for clothes that are worn in conjunction with using the product.


While you may choose to use either of these accessories that have been shown to maximize and amplify the results and effectiveness of AMMOHEAT™, you will still need to apply the gel ten minutes prior to exercise. Once the product is evenly applied to your body, you can put the Heat Belt and/or Sweat Vest on your body and begin your workout.

Yes, the AMMOHEAT™ Heat Belt and Sweat Vest are perfect for all types of exercise. Walking, running, weight training, cross-training, etc. – any of these variations are ideal opportunities to utilize the accessories. Doing so has been shown to maximize the benefits, and in turn, your results.

It is not recommended under any circumstances to wear either accessory to bed.

We suggest that you wash both accessories by hand with warm, soapy water. Air/hang dry only.

There are several factors that will determine the longevity of your belt or vest. Usage rate, care, and storage are typically what determines how long the accessories will keep, or be effective for. On average, they should last for at least 2 years.