The Next Generation

Ammo Heat™ Workout Gel is a topical workout supplement that supports the toning & tightening of your skin and physique, increased sweat production while exercising, and improved circulation*. Forget stimulants, fake science, or empty promises; Ammo Heat™ contains real synergistic ingredients, for real life results. We whole-heartedly believe that there is nothing like it anywhere in the world.

Real Results, Real Fast

Ammo Heat™ has been formulated by experts in the field of topical workout technology with a clear goal in mind: significantly enhance users workouts, accelerate the muscles warm up and recovery periods, ramp up sweat production, and promote a leaner, dryer looking body (where the gel is applied)*. We challenge you to compare Ammo Heat™ to any other topical workout sweat product. Once you do, you’ll understand why Ammo Heat™ is the new standard bearer of workout gels.


Ammo Heat

Workout Gel 0.5 oz.

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Workout Gel 0.5 oz.


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How should AMMOHEAT™ Workout Gel be applied?

First time users should start by applying a light coating of the gel (e.g. the size of a nickel or just dab the tip of your index finger in the jar) to the dry surface area of skin. Be sure to spread evenly and massage the gel deep into the skin for several minutes. Depending on your level of comfort you may increase or decrease the amount of product you apply for future applications. If you don’t experience an adequate amount of heat on Day 1, simply use more with your next application. If you experience too much heat, just apply less. As with any heat activating product like AMMOHEAT™, each user’s level of comfort and results will differ.

WARNING: Do not use on sun burned, wind burned, dry, chapped, irritated and broken skin, cuts, open wounds or regions of the body that are already experiencing skin irritation or rashes. Do not wash off product with warm or hot water. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Avoid contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth. You must be 18 years or older to use this product.

Easy to Use, Smells Great Too

Ammo Heat™ Workout Gel is easy to apply; simply choose the section of your body you wish to improve on, apply and rub in an even amount of the product, and watch Ammo Heat™ go to work as you quickly start to feel the heat! No need to worry about a mess either – Ammo Heat™ won’t typically stain clothing, and easily washes off in the shower after your workout. The kicker is without a doubt the smell; people absolutely love it. So try it for yourself and experience what all the hype is about.

  • Science backed active ingredients
  • NO stimulants or caffeine
  • Quickly warm muscles up before exercise
  • Requires NO physical activity to initiate heating effect and other benefits
  • Formulated and made safe for Men & Women
  • Speed up the time to attain a leaner, dryer physique
  • Heat up (not just sweat) the target area of your choosing
  • A true multi-dimensional workout gel (with so many benefits for its users)

*Ammo Heat™ Workout Gel can help your body look tighter and more toned while you sweat.