Create an account or make a purchase at Once you’ve completed either of these steps, you will be enrolled in the program. Once enrolled, you’ll receive a 4-digit ID as well as a URL link.

That is correct; no initial purchase is required to become a member and earn rewards.

We automatically track your rewards credits for each qualifying referral purchase. Each qualified referral amounts to (1) referral credit towards your rewards.

After three qualifying referral purchases have been made using your reference ID (from friends, family, etc.) you will receive a coupon code for (1) FREE 6.5 oz. jar of Ammo Heat™!

A qualifying referral purchase is a unique, first-time transaction in which a NEW customer purchasing any product or products enters your 4 digit ID or URL link in the designated “referral code” box at check-out from

You may refer as many new customers as you like, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Rewards credits accumulate until they are used, or until they have matured (1) year without redemption. Once you’ve reached three rewards credits (amounting to a free product coupon code), your credits will continue to add up, however a new free product coupon code will not generate until your first coupon is used.

Once you have three qualifying purchases the system will automatically generate a free product coupon code to be used on any Ammo Heat™ product. If you choose to wait on redemption and additional qualifying referral purchases come through your rewards account, those purchases will remain tracked and logged but any future coupon codes will not be generated until the previous free coupon code is redeemed at our online-store.

You can keep track of all your qualifying referral purchases within your Ammo Heat™ customer dashboard.

Each time a qualifying referral purchase is made we will notify you via e-mail as well as in your Ammo Heat™ online customer dashboard. Once you reach (3) qualifying referral purchases, a “free product coupon” code will be generated and you’ll be notified.

All full-sized supplements and products sold at are applicable to the program.

Repeat orders are not rewards eligible, only first-time transactions from new Ammo Heat™ customers qualify.

No; all rewards earned through our program may ONLY be redeemed for Ammo Heat™ products.

Rewards may not be transferred from member to member.

First, you will receive an e-mail notification and a free product coupon code within your Ammo Heat™ customer dashboard. Once you choose your desired product, you will be asked to “add to cart” or “proceed to checkout”. Once you’ve clicked on “checkout”, you’ll be asked to include your coupon code before proceeding to the next checkout page.

Placing your order online by using your rewards ID remains the best/easiest option. However, should you have any questions related to the Ammo Heat™ Rewards program, you can call us anytime and we will assist you.

There are no shipping costs when redeeming the free product. When we say it’s FREE, it’s truly FREE.

Rewards expire (1) year, or 365 days from the date your coupon was issued. After (1) year, all unused free product coupon codes will be voided.

We do not share any of your personal information with third parties, except to the extent necessary to conduct services. Your information is used solely for administering the benefits of Ammo Heat™ Rewards. Ammo Heat does not sell, license, or rent any customer information.